Course Description

Here is your complete guide to FA County 1st4sport, Football Coaching Badge for FA level 1

Course Information For FA Coaching adults course

Course Information:

  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Course Duration: Maximum 32 hours
  • Course Prerequisites: None
  • Course aims and objectives of FA Coaching adults course: This course will provide an introduction to the organisation and delivery of safe and enjoyable coaching sessions for young players. It is ideally suited to those working with groups of young players and/or teams.

Course Content:

Theory: The course will introduce some key aspects in the following:

  • Football Club Administration
  • Player and Coach development
  • Soccer Parent
  • Laws of the Game
  • An introduction to the FA's Long Term Player Development Model

The course will also provide the following for candidates:

  • FA Emergency Aid (included in the course programme)
  • FA Safeguarding Children in Football (included in the course programme)

Practical: Practical elements of the FA Coaching adults course will provide an introduction to:

Practical Involvement: Candidates will be encouraged to participate practically to maximise their opportunities for learning. (This however will not prevent successful completion of the award)

Assessment: Assessment is via successful completion of:

1. All pre-requisites (First Aid/Safeguarding Children)
2. All portfolio tasks
3. Practical delivery of a 20 minute practical coaching activity based on a specific skill and age group, which demonstrates safe practice, organisation, enjoyment and progression to meet the needs of the players.

Re-assessment: Candidates can be reassessed within a 12 month period from registration on the course.

Refresher: Every 3 years as specified in the FAL Level 1 CPD and Refresher Policy.

Suggested additional learning opportunities:


  • FA Youth Award Module 1 - Developing the Environment
  • FA Goalkeeping Coaching Award (Level 1)
  • Introduction to Futsal Course
  • Coaching Disabled Footballers Course
  • Education Modules (selection of eight)
  • Age Appropriate Coaching - Introductory Module
  • 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football

Equality: FA Learning will ensure that it treats people fairly and with respect and that it will provide access and opportunities for all members of the community to take part in, and enjoy, it's activities in an atmosphere free from harassment, bullying, discrimination or abuse. FA Learning will seek to provide a service which is appropriate to the needs of an individual and to make reasonable adjustments or provide support, where appropriate, to cater for those needs. Please acknowledge our Site as the source of the material and include our Site address (http://www.liverpoolfa.com) in the copy of the material, this information is for personal information only.




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