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We can now advise you on the process to getting a youth West Brom Football trial with a Premier League Club.

Any player interested in getting a football trial for West Brom has a good chance of getting a trial, if they follow the Tony's Soccer School way... and read further on how you can get a trial!

Now, Parents and Coaches who have a player or child, wishing to be considered for a soccer trial at Premier League West Brom FC youth Academy development centre based in Gloucester.

Firstly allow me to tell you a bit about Tony's Soccer School.

One of the biggest and most trustworthy resources, where all the scouts, Football Coaches, parents and like minded players come to get the very latest on Football Academy trial news. Obviously we can't guarantee you will become a professional footballer, but without us, it is certainly a lot harder.

You are one step ahead of all the other trialist. Tony's Soccer School is a completely free resource, we don't charge. These trials are not operated by Tony's Soccer School and we have no connection with West Bromwich Albion FC. But we feel you would be better served with trials with an official professional Club.

Academy Instructions. west brom development centre

We at Tony's Soccer School DO NOT charge.

You are reminded West Brom FC Academy do not offer football trials without the player first being seen by their development centre coaches or academy scout, and we have belolw your information to get spotted.

It is through watching these games that West Bromwich Albion FC scouts become aware of good footballing boys like you with outstanding potential.
Generally ALL scouts do not announce their presence at games as we believe that if players know a scout is present it can affect their performance.

Through this network of scouts, West Brom FC receive football scouting regular reports on football players, and we will give you the information to tell them about your player. It is this process that they use to then bring in young football players with potential to West Brom FC for club trials and player assessment.

Please remember West Brom FC get lots of trial requests each week and cannot watch everyone, but we get ahead of them. The higher the level you play at, the more priority West Brom will give your request.

Our tips on getting your trial. Do not send in any CD's or DVD's or CV, you must complete the registration process correctly below. You must  be sure that you are completely ready and the best footballer you have ever seen, and I dont just mean heart, you need full ability and must be ultra fit.

Work hard and play as much as you can. We have loads of trials coming up so if you havent already

Football Academy Regulations

Boys U6 - U11 are allowed to be registered at an Football Academy provided they live within one hour travelling distance. For boys in the U12 - U16 age categories the travelling time to training/coaching is extended to 1 ½ hours.

Under 9 to Under 13 players who live outside restricted time and distance zones are not eligible for a trial, although you can still apply for the experience, it is diffficult if you live abroad to be able to train locally with the club. Also remember you must not move into an area solely for football reasons.

Here are stringent Rules and Regulations set by the Premier League for trials for boys born OUTSIDE UK ONLY. In summary:
The earliest time a boy can attend an Academy for assessment is at the start of his under 14 season.
We are obliged to include restrictions on suitability - that a boy can only trial if he is recommended by one of our scouts or contacts. If he is deemed suitable for assessment he still cannot register for an Academy unless he resides within 1½ hour of its base - even then the boy must not be moving into the area for that purpose i.e. it can only be for family and not football reasons e.g. maybe the parent(s) moves jobs / positions to enhance his/her career.

If the boy is an EU/EEA citizen then he can sign as a Scholar aged 16, not before.
If the boy is not an EU/EEA citizen then the earliest he can sign is aged 18 and even then it is dependent upon eligibility for a Work Permit.

You can apply below, but must acknowledge if you pass the trial process you will need to be local to the club training facility.

Remember ... There is no easy route to becoming a footballer. It is important that you develop skill and play and train with enthusiasm at the highest level you can.

Dont feel you will get seen? Here's what you can do to get a WEST BROM FC Football Trial.

This is your chance have a professional trial, and is for all ages of good football ability. Remember this trial application is for ages 6-13 years although if you are older you can apply for a trial and it will be passed onto WEST BROMWICH ALBION FC ACADEMY RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENT for process.

Stay in contact with Tonys Soccer School because we receive automatic information from every appropriate club around the world and send it to you. Here is your West bromwich Albion FC Trial application direct with West Brom FC, Good Luck 

Good Luck and remember to visit us regularly as our trials are updated daily.

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3. Seek the trials in our website and we can advise you what needs to be done next.

Remember we dont just help with trying to get West Brom Football Trials, this website is your gateway to loads of football trials.


We have no connection in anyway to West Bromwich Albon FC, and they do not endorse us in anyway, however this is for information purposes and we do not charge anyone for our services, in trying to help you get trials. We wish to praise West Bromwich Albion FC on the services and can personally recommend their practices and coaching is of a high standards. Also be aware of Scouts claiming to be associated with clubs, NO Scout will contact a child directly they would always go through an appropriate adult.

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