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Hartlepool's overall strategy is to develop players who will progress through the Centre age groups into the Youth Team and then move to the First Team. This is something that we will be striving to achieve in the near future.

The Centre operates a 36 week Football League programme which sees the our Under 9s to Under 16s train twice a week and fixtures played either home or away on Sunday mornings against regional Football League opposition.

The Centre of Excellence develops teams at Under 8 to Under 16 age groups as well as our Under 18s Youth Team.Our advice is apply upto the age of 18 years.

The Centre itself draws on the skills and experience of a variety of people including the coaching, medical, welfare and administrative staff.

The aims and objectives of the Hartlepool United Centre of Excellence are as follows:

Centre of Excellence Aims

  • To identify and recruit the most talented boys, within the locality of the Centre of Excellence

  • To provide quality coaching, education and welfare at all age groups, and at all levels

  • To enhance player development, incorporating the principles of LTPD and the FA's 4 Corner Model, providing individuals with both technical, physiological, psychological and social knowledge to achieve their full potential

  • To identify, recruit and develop the most talented coaches within the locality of the Centre of Excellence

  • To be advocates for and 'live' best practice in terms of developing players, officials and coaches in line with The FA's Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures

Centre of Excellence Objectives

  • To develop players to a standard consistent with the highest levels in football

  • To establish squads for Under 9s to Under 18 age groups

  • To establish a challenging and structured technical programme, incorporating the principles of LTPD, which is to be followed by all coaching staff

  • To provide suitable games programme for all age groups

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We at Tony's Soccer School are not endorsed or connected to Hartlepool in any way. We or Hartlepool United DO NOT guarantee a trial, or guarantee a coach will see you play. This information is how to go about supplying your information to them with a view of possibly a scout comig to see you play.

If you are interested in applying for a trial with Hartlepool United Centre of Excellence then we have some details of how to make an application.


The Centre of Excellence has teams from Under 8 to Under 16.


Send Hartlepool United a letter with your name, date of birth and details of the club you currently play for, also if possible the name of club manager and their telephone number. Also give details of your position and include your main strengths.


Also give details of some of the upcoming fixtures you will play in.


These details will then all be forwarded to a Centre of Excellence scout, who may come along to one of the detailed fixtures.


Please note that we cannot guarantee that a scout will come along to a fixture but we will keep your records on file.


You must live within 1 hour of the training ground for under 13's and 1.5 hours for under 16 year olds applicants.

Send the information TO


Hartlepool United Football Club
Victoria Park
Clarence Road
TS24 8BZ

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