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 Defending With 4 at The Back in Football


Defending - 4 Back Movement Age Group - U14 - Up The drill on the left is a specific lay out for an exercise of a forward attacking in a central position of the field, and the defense moving to cover the attack. Note: Movement is based on the technical ability and age of the players. Description: The player who finds him self in front of the attacker or forward (in this case the blue player) steps up to defend, the other three defenders position them self almost flat, creating a defensive triangle on the strong side of the field. The defender on the wick side (green player), narrows the field getting closer to the defensive triangle. Coach Observation: Movement of the player Coordination/Speed/Agility Body position Communication Note: Start the drill in standing motion and progress with a game.

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Defence, back 4 Defending in Soccer as a team, training exercise drill for youth defenders, Club football coaching and session in schools.



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