Premier Football Trials in Liverpool, Official trials and player development dates in

Liverpool and local area.

An Academy in Liverpool, has to offer player development that takes it to the

21st Century, whilst being able to compete against other town and cities

surrounding Liverpool throughout the UK and Europe.

Describing the typical Liverpudlian Football Academy, ensures youth and

professionalism and a desire to improve at all levels of football.

Apply for A Liverpool FC Football Trial here

Current Players and Past Players, are a help to see weather you can

meet the criteria for the Academy status. Look for current players and where they

come from ad their playing history and compare yours to see if it better.

The Football Trial Process, a long and difficult task to even get to the stage to

showcase your talents, but never give up and ensure you follow the correct

process. Liverpool Academies like the ones at Everton FC and Liverpool FC have

strict application process so ensure to follow that correctly.


Actual trials dates for young footballers, be sure to have the correct date as

not all clubs openly publish a particular date. The date maybe given upon

sending in your application or youve been scouted by one of the Academy Scouts.

Time Scales of trials, remember most clubs are preparing for the following

season, so you are always on trials, make sure you are follow ok with the time

scale of a trial if its 20 minutes then grab your chance if your lucky and they offer a

6 week trials then your in luck.

How long will the trials be, this again is dependant as to how you get spotted if you

have been seen then it could be a 6 week trial in a Liverpool Football Academy or if

your invited in for a match then that would last as long as you are on the pitch,

but make sure you know how long it will be.

Again get the date of training and the trial right, without it you wont never pass a trial.

Pictures and Trial visual aids, are extremely important to you, Why? you ask,

because it lays down a view of what you will encounter at the Academy Trial,

such as player abilities, surroundings, so get searching for videos of trials

in and around Liverpool Areas.

Player Pictures, and TEam Pictures, make sure you know some of the players

by face who yo will trial against or with, sound them out from Internet searches.

This all helps if your to win at the game of academy football trials.

Pictures of training facilities, IE dressing rooms and where toilets are, and

pitch sizes even if you will be indoors or outdoors so you can prepare for your chance.

Contacts, Locations and names of Academy Football coaches, try to

know who they are, whats there names and this will stand you out from the

coded world of football trials.


Address of Football Trials in Liverpool, again check to see the address is correct

or you want get in the team, be upto date on the venus and locations of teams

and age group trial locations.

Under 18's or Under 21's, what age group are you? again make sure you fit in

the right catagory, turning up for the next age group may mean you've missed

your chance. Also be aware of the age groups and when you ove up to the next

age group etc.

Liverpool FC Academy launch new football academy trials

Where are trials held, inner city of Liverpool? I said, make sure you get the correct

address maybe pop along just to familiarise yourself with the journey and give

plenty of time.

Academy team play in different locations, for example don't urn up at Goodison

Park if you are to be at Melwood training ground Liverpool, same goes for

turning up at Anfield Rd and you should be at Everton training Academy, you get my drift?


How to Apply? Get the full contact details and again it may not be an open

football trial and just an invitation to trials in the north of England, but either

way don't be shy of applying for your pro football chance they ca only say now,

our website helps you achieve this.

Soccer Schools, are a way premier League and Footbal Clubs get youth and

children into see them perform, never know you may get spotted that way so

in truth this is a trial, David Beckham was scouted fro a Soccer School remember.

Coaching Staff, get to know them and make n impression, search them before

hand and get to know about there football past this will always help.
Liverpool County FA

Video's of Liverpool Academy Trials. Probably a great piece of advice search You

Tube for past trials, see the playing ability how many players were there or who

was watching, get the more knowledge the better.

Video's of Actual Trials are a great visual asset.

Coach Advice, get the advice from experienced people about going for a trial,

ask everyone who has football qualifications what advice they can give and

don't be put off.


Coaching Drills and exercises, see what you may get to do, and practice them,

before hand, this is great advice if you want to succeed in football clubs.

In Depth knowledge of the Academy is vital. Get to know everything about the

academy from who makes the tea, then if you get a place you will know what you

are letting yourself in for.

Structure and Academy Philosophy, All Academy Manager set a structure, be sure

to know what it is before you go, what are the clubs aims and goals to see they match yours.

Liverpool is a large area in North West England, and is a large town, City

packed with potential footballers, not far from Manchester and a few hours to Wales.

Liverpool Academy have a number of Rules and Regulations these are set by

the Premier League and Football League and FA, Be sure you know them in full

so you know what to expect, IE travel distance if your eligible to play etc, get

information on this.


Feeder Clubs are an important part of progression football. If you are trialing for

one of these then you have a great chance, they all have their own way of working do

be sure to treat Feeder clubs to the like of Liverpool, Everton or even Tranmere Rovers FC.

When are Trial Matches played? Be sure you know in case you can't make

them regularly, and where they are.

Who do Academy teams play against, great question, other youth Academies,

maybe from the local area of Liverpool or further afield maybe from outside UK,

but remember to sound out the opposition so you are one step ahead.

What standard of Player do I need to be? From reading this Trial information we

have given you the knowledge how you can see if you good enough, maybe get

someone to film you play in a match and analyse it.

A guide to see if you meet the criteria. Here you can assess your full potential

using all these tools I've shown you and more to fill that potential.

Remember only you can fail a football trial, no one else, express yourself on the

pitch, be the best, shine above the rest, on day football stardom will be yours.

Work hard and be fitter than the rest,

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