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southend united fc 6 to 16 years academy entry information

Will all Academy 16-19 year old trialists please note the following: READ THIS PAGE FULLY TO GET INFORMATION TO APPLY

Due to number restrictions only those who have registered will be allowed to participate.

These trials are operated by Southend United Football Club and Tony's Soccer School have no connection with this club although are fully aware and have experience of the Woking trial set up and strongly recommend this football club, however read this page fully to get your application details....

Allow me to tell you a bit about Tony's Soccer School.

Additional Information & Southend United Football Trials criteria, Tonys Soccer School is one of the biggest and most trustworthy resources, where all the scouts, Football Coaches, parents and like minded players come to get the very latest on Football Academy trial news. Obviously we can't guarantee you will become a professional footballer, but without us, it is certainly a lot harder.

Get southend United Football Trials. You are one step ahead of all the other trialist. Tony's Soccer School is completely free resource, we don't charge. Although we get requests for payments to help players out, but all we ask you keep us informed of your progress and get the enjoyment of trying to help players fulfill your dreams.

We will continue to send you Academy Trials as long as you want them,

Remember you must complete, print and send in the official document that is linked below. The trial is FREE and you must find your own way to the trial. The trial is not operated by Tonys Soccer School and we are not affiliated to Southend United FC, as we feel you would rather an official trial with a club like Southend United FC as they have a high reputation for making the best of your abilities.

To gain information we ask you first register with us and then information will automatically pop up for you on the trials YOUTH ACADEMY SOUTHEND UNITED FOOTBALL TRIALS >>

More Southend Trials released here

Trust me, not following this procedure they ask will delay your application. Good Luck this is for open trial day 

Not all clubs openly publish trials, and sometimes the trials have passed, here we give you the application process where you send your open application form to them directly. Remember they may not always reply to you directly and if they do not respond this means you do not meet the required standard. Even if you are over 16 please send your application to them.

By sending the forms does not mean you will be given a trial, it is at the discrection of the club itself.

We have no connection too Woking FC, this is simply an avenue for you to apply for a place or a trial with them. They will not pay for you to attend any trial and days are not always available by date before hand. What we advise is send the form ensuring you meet the required applicaion process, because if you dont you will not be assessed by them.

Please visit our website often for more trial information on a number of clubs.

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