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To book on the next trial it is vitally important that you read this page completely as it gives you the full information regarding applying and what to do when you are booking for a Football Trial.

These football trials are operated by an independant Football Trials Company offering trials  exhibition matches which are held at Top Stadiums and venues all over the United Kingdom. Professional scouts will be in attendance searching for players just like you. The Football trials are organised in a variety of age groups the profesional coaching and assessment formats are designed for you to show your high ability to Pro Clubs Scouts.

These trials are not operated directly by Tony's Soccer School but have a vast amount of knowledge of these trials and can recommend application if you have knowledge that you are of a good standard. You need to ensure you meet the age group and pre registrations is required before attendance of which you will receive comfirmation directly from them on. We at Tony's Soccer School do not charge for trials however some professional clubs charge a nominal fee to cover coaches and pitches and also shows the seriousness of your application.

It's every boy's dream to play Professional Football… but what does it take to make it and how do you start?

Every week hundreds of thousands of players of all ages take part in football matches - from junior age to semi-pro they all share the same love of the game. But what if you have the talent? What if you have the ability to play at an even higher level… Professionally?

Professional Clubs are always on the look out for talented players of all ages from Academy youngsters to 1st team Pro’s. Yet many many talented players never get spotted, never get their chance – so why is this?

Well the answer is simple – OPPORTUNITY.

If the Club Scouts never get to hear about you and never get to see you play then you will NEVER get the chance to achieve your dream of playing as a Professional Footballer

Your chance starts here

The trials are offered by a division of Sarcodia Football Agents – licensed by FIFA and the F.A.

Together they offer you the most comprehensive and professional trials and career support package available.

“Your chance to make it in the world of Pro Football starts right here – right now !”

The Trials Process



All trials are held at top class football facilities and full details and confirmation of your trial will be sent 14 days prior to the trial.

Players are grouped according to age with each age group coached and assessed by our own Professional Coaches.

Assessments are grouped into 3 main areas and you will be judged both as an individual player and also as a team/group member.

  • Physical Fitness
  • Technical ability and football skills
  • Attitude and sportsmanship

Following your trial you will be sent your Individual Player Evaluation (IPE) which gives assessment ratings for the areas tested.

Details of your trial and assessment results are also entered onto our Career Tracking System (CTS)



15TH SEPTEMBER 2013 IN WEMBLEY LONDON (Not Wembley Stadium)


10TH NOVEMBER 2013 IN WEMBLEY LONDON (Not Wembley Stadium)


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Tony's Soccer School never charge for trials however independant clubs do charge a small amount for trials. We do not recieve any money from anyone to promote trials of any kind, we only promote clubs and trials that meet a strict criteria.

You can search for Football Clubs and trial opportunities by Location here > FOOTBALL TRIALS BY LOCATION & AREA

You can also search trials that match your current playing ability here > CHOOSE YOUR FOOTBALL PLAYING ABILITY STANDARD


Choose Football Clubs and trials by Club names > FOOTBALL TRIALS BY CLUB NAME

List of Football Trials and Clubs seeking players by age groups

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UNDER 7's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 7 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 8's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 8 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 9's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 9 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 10's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 10 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 11's  PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 11 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 12's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 12 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 13's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 13 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 14's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 14 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 15's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 15 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 16's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 16 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 17's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 17 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 18's PLAYING AGE GROUP >> Under 18 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

UNDER 21 ADULTS >> Under 21 Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players

ADULTS >> Adult Football Trials & Clubs Seeking Players




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