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FA Course Description in Football Coaching



FA Uefa B licence application:

Please note a pre requisite for this course is an original copy of your Level 2 Action Plan from your external assessor (page 8 of your candidate log book). FA UEFA B LICENCE COURSE, Book on Line, Full Course Description, UK locations. For FA Coaches

Who is it FA UEFA B LICENCE for?

Coaches working with a team of U14s + playing 11v11 football, would suit this B licence course.

FA UEFA A LICENCE  More information here
Upon reading this Course description of FA UEFA B LICENCE please book your course here

UEFA B Licence Course Duration:

16 days over a 6 month period (non-residential)

Course Pre-requisites for B Licence

  • Candidates must be a minimum of 20 years of age
  • 1st4sport UEFA Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football
  • Candidates should have fulfilled their action plan from the L2 CCF and submitted it as part of their application.
  • FA Emergency Aid Certificate
  • FA Safeguarding Children in Football workshop (IF WORKING WITH Under 18s)
  • FAL FIFA Laws of the Game exam or Online course
  • Access to and working with a team of U14s + playing 11v11 football.
  • Tonys soccer school home page.

Who is it FA UEFA B LICENCE for?

Coaches working with a team of U14s + playing 11v11 football, would suit this B licence course.

Additional experience (desirable):

Open Age Football: Premier League, Championship, Div 1 and 2, Tier 1 - 4,

Tier 5 : Combined Counties (Premier), Eastern Counties (Premier), Essex Senior League, Hellebic (Premier), Kent League (Premier), Midlands Football Alliance, Northern Counties East (Premier), Northen League (Div 1), NW Counties (Premier), Spartan South Midlands (Premier), Sussex County League (Div 1), United Counties League (Premier), Wessex League (Premier), Western League (Premier).

Tier 6: Combined Counties (Div 1), East Midlands Counties League, Eastern Counties (Div 1) Hellenic (D1 E/W), Midland Combination (Premier), Northern Counties East (Div 1), Northern League (Div 2), NW Counties League (Div 1), SW Peninsular League (Premier),  Spartan South Mids (Div 1), Sussex County (Div 2), united Counties League (Div 1), Wessex League (Div 1), Mest Mids Reg League (Premier), Western league (Div 1).

Enrolment To apply for this B Licence course you will need to do the following:

Your ueafa B application will then be vetted by the course director, using the following criteria:

  • Compliance with uefa Level 2 Action Plan
  • Evidence of Coaching Practice and supporting testimony
  • Evidence of current capacity (on a sufficiently regular basis) to work with an U14s or upwards, 11-a-side team for which UEFA B licence practice format and content are appropriate

Course Description

This UEFA recognised qualification will provide candidates (who have an ongoing involvement in the coaching of a team playing 11v11 football) with the opportunity to gain knowledge of how to effectively plan, deliver and evaluate coaching programmes based on individual, unit or team development objectives.

FA UEFA B LICENCE Course Content


Key aspects related to the role of a football coach working with youth players. These are delivered via home based study tasks and Tutor delivered workshops.


  • A philosophy of coaching
  • A consideration of how players learn
  • A study of both coaching styles and communication processes
  • A detailed consideration of player analysis
  • Utilising analysis data to prioritise player performance
  • The psychological factors associated with player performance
  • The influences related to the Four Corner Model and player development
  • A consideration of the FA’s LTPD Model
  • The ability to plan appropriate coaching sessions
  • Consideration of the key elements related to coaching session delivery
  • The development of progressive coaching sessions
  • Comprehensive coaching session evaluation and reflection


The Practical elements of the course will provide the following: 

  • The principles of attacking: to include detailed consideration of attacking from wide and central areas, counter attacking, switching play and finishing
  • The principles of defending: to include detailed consideration of defending effectively in wide/central areas, pressurising and defending when both organised and outnumbered
  • Midfield play: to include support play for front players, possession in key areas and the use of width
  • Counter Attacking and the ability to defend deep to attack quickly
  • Goalkeeping: to include support for the defensive unit, the ability to deal with crosses, maintain possession momentum and the development of shot stopping
  • Set plays: to include the effective organisation in defending and attacking from a selection of free kicks, corners and throw ins

In addition, candidates will have the opportunity to undertake a minimum of two observed practical coaching sessions with their Tutor and receive feedback based on selected criteria. This will form the basis of an opportunity to deliver 20 hours of coaching in the candidate’s work place, with their team, to apply the experience gained from the course of training.

Pre-course task


Post-course task

Candidates will be issued a portfolio on the course. This will contain several theoretical tasks that must be completed and signed off before submitting for final practical assessment.

Course Assessment, uefa b licence courses 2013 2014

Assessment is via successful completion of:

  • Full attendance of all previous 13 days and all candidate learning activities
  • The practical delivery of themed 45 minute coaching session utilising coaching session formats from the course syllabus culminating in a minimum of 20 minutes in either a phase of play or a small sided game (8v8)

Re-assessment of UEFA B LICENCE

Candidates can be reassessed within a 36 month period from date of registration. The cost of re-assessment is not included in the course fee.

Where to go next? LINKS




Developing Midfielders course




Dress code

Standard dress code on the course is casual. For practically based courses, please bring sufficient outdoor kit/clothing for the duration of the course. The venue ask that candidates refrain from wearing muddy footwear inside the building.

Should the course require any alternative dress, this will be detailed in the course joining instructions.

Medical Information / Physical Requirements

If you have any medical conditions which limit/hinder your involvement or participation in coaching activities, you are obliged to declare any relevant, current or previous injuries/illnesses. If you are diagnosed as an asthmatic, diabetic or epileptic, or have any allergies that the course staff needs to be aware of, you must advise us accordingly. Please note, a declaration of injury or illness does not automatically preclude you from any course.

You should further be aware that if you are on a regular course of medication for any condition, you must have sufficient medication to cover you throughout the course. Although first aid cover is provided (where applicable) during courses, no doctor is available to replenish regular medication, nor is there any facility to deliver medical treatment for chronic (longstanding) medical conditions.

Please provide any relevant information regarding the above Medical Information during the application process.

If your application to enrol is successful candidates will be required to complete a Medical Form prior to commencing the course.

Football League Funding

Coaches working exclusively in Academies/Centres of Excellence at Football League clubs may be able to access funding through their club. If your club is providing this funding, please speak to your Academy/ CoE Manager/Administrator.


UEFA Education Transfers

Under UEFA guidelines, all applicants originating from other National Associations than the FA must complete a UEFA Cross Border form (annex 10) before being approved on a FA Learning course. Exceptions are made for candidates who live, work or were born in England.




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