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Tell us about your football history (Min 50 words) : 

Hi, My name is James Chan. I am born in Hong Kong but my nationality is Australian.  I was born on 09/10/1997. I am a center back who is right footed. I am 5’2, weighing 55kg. I’m also capable of playing many other positions such as left and right full back, left and right wing, central midfield (holding) and attacking midfield. I have a good shot on me and I am a fairly good defender. From the recent 6 games I have played, I have scored 2 headers from corners. Assisting 3.

My football history is fairly long, because I'm playing football for about 12 years and I want to play football in the future as I think I believe I have the potential to become a great player.
My favourite team is Arsenal. However, I do not mind playing for any professional football team as I am keen to learn and willing to take advice from coaches and all staff as I am trying to reach my full potential. Therefore, I hope a team will allow me to show my ability and skill and prove my worth. I am currently  and I play semi-professional football in the league organized by the Hong Kong Football Association.  I currently play for a local team, which is Southern District U16. I believe we are currently ranked as the third best team in Hong Kong for my age group. I am a Starting 11 player without a doubt. I have played in various positions over the past few years. I started off playing for HKFC at right wing and left wing for 5-6 years. Then I moved on to right back and left back for a year or so as the coach believed I had well timed tackles and I have the ability to defend well and use my pace for catching the wings and also overlapping. Then I moved clubs to Southern District, playing for the under 16s and started playing as the holding defensive midfield as well as playing the center back position for 2 years now.  I have scored 2 goals this season as a center back as that is my ideal position. I am the last defender as I have the pace and skill to block attackers from scoring.  Both my goals were headers from corners. Although I am fairly short, I have a great jump height.

Write about your Playing Ability (Min 50 words): Although I may be small, I have great strength and most of the time I win the 50/50 challenges. I am very fast with the fastest time for 100m and 200m for my school. I have also great agility and a high IQ for football. As well as playing as a center back, I love to go up and attack and join the action in corners and long throw ins. I have a good shot on me and also great vision for long balls and through balls. I also have a great jumping ability which helps me to head the ball defensively and attacking wise. I have good positioning as I am the last defender normally. I have good leadership skills, as I am the person who calls the offside line and order people at the back. Eg: Telling people who to mark and watch for the offsides etc.

Why should an Academy Director give you a trial (Min 50 words): In my opinion I believe I have the abilities and potential to be a hard working, a skillful player and a solid defender. I believe I am good enough to get at least one trial from any professional football club at any level. I have great strength and most of the time I win the 50/50 challenges. I am also a very keen sprinter with the fastest time for 100m and 200m for my school. I have also great agility and a high IQ for football spotting open teammates and putting nice through balls in. I have only conceded 3 goals this season and 5 goals over 15 games. I also have good positioning, as I am the last defender normally. I also have good leadership skills and I will be very grateful to the academy that offers me a chance. I am also a keen listener and have the will and potential to excel and improve. Also I have a strong will and personality. I will always try hard and always try to get the best out of everything and be optimistic about everything. I also have a very positive attitude in and out of the game no matter the score or situation. I always try to encourage my team mates and keep my head up. I hope I can train with a professional team and improve my game and hopefully one day I will sign a professional contract!



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