LONDON REGION  (214 Trials)

SOUTH EAST  (152 Trials)

NORTH WEST  (149 Trials)

EAST OF ENGLAND  (183 Trials)

WEST MIDLANDS  (142 Trials)

SOUTH WEST  (164 Trials)

YORKSHIRE  (191 Trials)

EAST MIDLANDS  (124 Trials)

NORTH EAST  (162 Trials)



A full list here of the latest football trials along with all academy trials information, locations, scouts and academy contacts, dates and how to apply for trials.

Subscribe to gain access to all available football trials.

A full list here of the latest football trials along with all academy trials information, locations, scouts and academy contacts, dates and how to apply for trials.

Subscribe to gain access to all available football trials.

Here is the full selection of Football Trial dates being offered by this Club. Abilities, Ages, Levels.

How to Join & Apply for Trials at this Academy

You must add your name in the Comments Box at the bottom of this page, then press send NOW.

You will receive a reply directly and updates on released dates, for this clubs trials.

To apply for other clubs please go to the trials page of the club you want trials for.

More info,

We have a large scouting network with scouts watching games and tournaments. 

This is our main source of recruiting young and talented players.

Should you wish to be considered for a trial, the following procedure will apply:

Players are asked to send their CV and a covering letter to theAcademy, including

the following details:

- Your name
- Your age and date of birth
- Your contact address and telephone number
- The current club you play for
- The school you attend
- The position you play
- A list of forthcoming fixtures upto 6 months that you will be playing in

Do Not make contact via social media with the club.

Do Not send DVD's or Videos at this moment.

Do Not telephone the Club, lower league clubs you can.

On receipt of your letter, the Academy Director & recruitment staff will make a decision as to

whether a scout will watchyour games. If the scout feels that the player has shown

potential to play at Academy level, an approach will be made to the manager of your club as well as

your parents and you will be invited in for a trial at this Club.

Initially the player maybe invitied to a one off training session or the trial can last for a

maximum of six weeks during which time the player will train and play with the current

registered players in your age group.

During your trial period you will be monitored by your age group coach, the assistant

Academy manager, Academy manager and recruitment staff. A decision will then be

made whether to sign you as a player or release you from your trial and monitor you at your local club.

Please note that in accordance with FA rules, trials can only be offered to players who

live within one hour's travelling time from this Academy. This relates to all players Under 12.

Trials can only be offered to players in the Under-13 to Under-16 age group if the player

lives within one-and-a-half hours travelling time from the Academy.

No travel distance limits to players aged 16 and over.


Please only send your covering Letter & CV using the official Club contact


or Via Direct Contact Address Link on this page


C/O The Academy Recruitment.

Letters are preferred if address is available rather than emails.

All correspondence received is normally acknowledged within 14 days.




As with all applications, no player has automatic right to be accepted for a trial. If you are

unsuccessfull at this time, consider re-applying in 6 months, also consider sending your CV

to a lower league club.


Thank you

Academy Football Director

>> Report a problem with this trial, information date or time

New Interactive Website

Apply for any trial instantly via the Comment Apply Box at the bottom of this page

Latest Football Trials for Subscribers Only

These trials can only be seen by our members, non subscribers cannot view any trials on our website.Below is a hand selection of latest football trials, Enjoy.

Remember to ensure your CV we have for you is upto date so we can send you trials matching your criteria.

Thank you Tony

West Ham United Trial


AFC Wimbledon Football Trial

Leyton Orient Football Club is College's Football Academy Partner 

The Academy's official name is the Leyton Orient Football Club Development Squad. Trial dates are as follows:

Football Academy trials for academic year of entry 2018

  • Saturday 10 March 2018 at 1:30-3:30pm (Open Day)
  • Wednesday 4 April 2018 at 11am
  • Saturday 12 May 2018 at 1:30-3:30pm (Open Day)
  • Wednesday 30 May 2018 at 11am

What you get as a College Football Academy player:

• Free football training kit, tracksuit and kit bag
• Professional football coaching of 6 hours per week (3 sessions of 2 hours) over the College year. 
• Wednesday afternoon match in a College Football League
• Affiliation with a major Football Club
• Work experience opportunities at the stadium
• Complimentary tickets for learners to selected high profile matches
• Opportunities for sports learners to work with the club sports analyst in using Dartfish to analyse games
• On site medical support for injury prevention and rehabilitation
• Free membership and use of the brand new College gym and fitness suite
• Free fitness, strength and conditioning, exercise and nutrition programmes designed and monitored for you

Elite Football Academy squad members will benefit from:
• Opportunity to become a College Sponsored Athlete - value of up to £2500 per year

Under 17s
• Under 17 development squad friendly fixtures with the College's elite team - 4 games per year

Football Academy Selection Criteria
To be eligible to be considered for the Academy, you must;
• Be 16-18 years of age on the 31 August of the enrolling year
• Be enrolled on a full-time programme of study at the College Enfield Centre

Our Great Facilities
• NEW £1.5million Sports Centre fully refurbished for September 2014
• Full sized sports hall with resurfaced multisport floor
• Industry standard cardio and resistance training gym
• Medical facilities
• High quality changing and disabled facilities

For more information or to register for a trial, complete the Enquiry Form below or call the Course Information Line on 020 8442 3055.

West Bromwich Albion Football Trial

Elite Post 16 Trial - Saturday 19th May

West Bromwich Albion Foundation - Elite Football and Education Programme Trial. 

Successful trialists will take part in an education programme held at The Hawthorns stadium, with the training element of the programme taking place at the West Bromwich Albion Academy facilities. Participants will be entered into the Under 19 National Football Youth League, featuring a number of other Premier League clubs with similar programmes.


All trialists between 15 and 18 years old, and must have already turned 16 by 31/08/2018, and should have experience of playing at a high level.


Please see the trial details below:

Venue: WBA Academy, Halfords Lane, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B71 4LG  

Date:  Saturday 19th May 2018

Time: Registration :  1.45

Start : 2.00pm 

Finish 3.45pm



WBA Academy Dome
Halfords Lane
West Bromwich
West Midlands
B71 4LG


Kit:  Appropriate training kit, note that shin pads and moulded football boots are essential

apply via email info@albionfoundation.co.uk

Queens Park Rangers Academy Trials

Remember when applying for this Trial Tell Them Tonys Sent You

Fulham Academy Trials

Soccer Chance Academy Trials


Pulse Premier Academy Trials


Lowestoft Town Academy Trials

Watford FC Academy Trials

Port Vale FC Trials

Boreham Wood Football Trials


Football Trials




Hey Tony, If you have any goal keepers looking for a team in the barnet

whetstone area, please get them to contact me.

Under 17/18s must be born on or after 01/09/1999

Leon leongd5@hotmail.com

Assistant Manager @Whestone Wanderers FC

Coalville Town FC Trials

We are looking for a ball playing centre mid, a winger and quick striker.

We play step 3 Evo Stik Northern Premier and are happy to give players contracts and pay.

Look forward to hearing from you. You can call me 07891508177 if you wish to call.

Thanks Steve Coalville Town FC

Herongate Athletic FC Trials

HAFC Open trials for U10's season 2017/18 - all abilities

welcome contact j.scales@sjit.co.uk

Ryan FC Trials

u12 goalkeeper required for next season, Romford/hornchurch training

07968721723 top division football

Ryanfc u14 open trials this Saturday 10th June call Barry to register interest 07759543510

Cradley Town Fc Academy

Cradley Town Fc Academy are still recruiting players u7-u16

for our teams to trial - 07868227950/ cradleytownfcacademy@gmail.com




Creating a CV Form, or Curriculum Vitae Form, when attempting to get a tryout for a football team is very important. The CV Form is a way for you to emphasise to your prospective team any skills that you have that might set you above the other applicants for the team. The CV Form is your first step in getting an opportunity to interview and display your skills to your prospective football team in the hopes of signing with them and having a chance to join the team.


  1. 1

Fill in the top section of your CV Form, just like you would for any other job that you are applying for. This will include all of your contact information, including an e-mail address for a prospective employer to contact you about setting up an interview.

  1. 2

Continue filling out your CV Form just as you would for all other positions for your education section of the form. Include the educational institutions you attended most recently at the top, and then work backwards in time from there.

  1. 3

Emphasise your football experience in your employment section. List the teams that you have played for and the years that you played for each team. In the duties and responsibilities, include information on the positions you played and any leadership positions you held on the team.

  1. 4

List any camps, teams or other specialised teams you have played on in the section for other skills and additional information. If you have received any awards such as being the most valuable player on your team or being recognised as the most valuable player in your league, this information should be included in this section.

  1. 5

Describe any hobbies that you have that would make the football team consider you to be an asset. This could include other sports that you play, hobbies such as hiking or marathon running and social groups you are involved with.

  1. 6

Use former teammates and coaches as references that your prospective new football team can use to contact for more information about your skills and interest in joining the team.

  1. 7

Highlight your accomplishments in your personal profile section of your CV. Make sure you sell yourself to your prospective new football team in this section of your CV. Point out stats that emphasise your value to the new team and any leadership qualities that you have.

Tips and warnings

  • Including a video of you playing football and demonstrating your skills is a good addition to send when you submit a CV Form to a football team you would like to play for.
  • Be careful not to emphasise team accomplishments over your individual ones when filling out your CV Form. Remember, your entire team isn't applying for the position with the football team; it's your application.


Full list of FIFA registered Football Agents. Get Signed, Find an Agent & Turn Pro.

>> Football Agent List Here



The function of a Scout is to identify to his Club players with whom his club may wish to enter into negotiations with a view to securing their registration. Scouts are not themselves entitled to enter into any such negotiations with a view to securing their registration, nor are they able to makes promises to or offer inducements to any player whom they approach.


Scouts are employed by and represent their Clubs.


Scouts must be familiar with the Rules of the appropriate League/ Football League / Premier League relating to Youth Development. They must maintain an awareness of and at all times comply with the Rules setting out the circumstances in which their Club may make an approach to a player or student (as defined in the Rules) whose registration is held by another Club.


When acting in the course of his duties a Scout shall at all times carry the formal means of identification issued by the Club, organisation and shall produce the same upon demand.


Scouts are responsible for the conduct of their contacts and shall be liable for any act or omission by a contact which constitutes a breach of the rules.


Scouts shall conduct themselves in a manner befitting their roles as Officials of the Clubs and shall take all possible steps to promote the reputation of the game of association football and to prevent it being brought into disrepute.


A Scout shall forthwith disclose to his Club the nature and extent of any direct or indirect interest he may have in any transaction or arrangement involving his Club and he shall account to his Club for any benefit which either directly or indirectly he derides there from.


A Scout shall conduct himself at all times in an ethical and professional manner and shall observe the highest standards of integrity and fair dealing.

About our Academy

Our Academy is developed in order to invest in upcoming footballing talent and provide the network, coaching, health and lifestyle advice that each player needs to make a successful career in football. If you are looking for a career in football, and live in the Watford catchment, then your best chance will be to join The Academy.

Our offer an advanced football development and education programme supported by expert and dedicated staff.

Our Academy use advanced technology and coaching methods to develop their players. They are actively looking for upcoming talent to join their academy, and are very selective about who gets in, as competition is tough.

With the changes that have taken place in the football academy system. Academy Category 1 clubs are now free (U12+) to recruit from all over the nation.

Previously, Category 1 clubs could only recruit talent within a 90 minute travelling time to the academy, but the FA have reconsidered this following thinking that the best talent should only fairly be allowed to play in the best academies even if they do not live nearby. This gives the very best talent the very best chances of success, thus growing our home grown talent for the international stage.

This has seen a rise in host families being recruited at Watford Academy, to help house young promising talent in safe family environments.

Upcoming Fixtures at Our Academy

Our Academy has a whole programme of upcoming activities, fixtures and events. Check the times of each match or look up the match venue for any of the age groups.

How to get a trial at our Academy

You must be selected to have a trial at Our Academy, so it is important that players are spotted in the right places at the right times. For some players, they prefer a direct approach sending in links to videos of themselves playing football, but it is worth bearing in mind that clubs recieve thousands of these videos each week and simply don’t have time to watch them all and go about their daily business, so the most effective way of getting scouted for a trial at this Academy is to join in our Soccer Schools, Scouts regularly select young players from soccer school sessions and invite them to trial at the development centres, and anyone can play in their soccer schools so it offers an open door for all to get spotted.

It is also particularly good planning to take your child to soccer schools as soon as they are old enough, as their competition will be doing the same, so it enables them to develop their talents in line with the same level as their peers. Please see full details in this page

How to get scouted by an Academy scout

Our Academy scouts offer players the chance to trial. Many players are lucky enough to find themselves in the right places when scouts are watching games, but we are also very aware that good talent can slip through the net, so do offer players the chances to directly contact them with the below details.

Understandably they are unable to respond to everybody due to the volume of applications, but this does serve as an effective way to alert scouts about talent looking to take their football to the next level and secure a trial for The Academy.

To get scouted for a trial, The Academy will require the following information:

  • Players CV
  • Covering Letter
  • Players Vital Statistics: Players position, Age, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, contact email/phone/address, current club, previous clubs, detail of any trials already attended, any representative honours such as school, districts, county etc
  • Players school they attend
  • Fixture list of your current team, including location and kick off time to be passed to scout

Our Academy will assess your application and decide whether or not to send a scout to watch the game.

Syllabus at our Academy

The training programme at this Academy is broken into technical and tactical training, with a special module for Goalkeepers. The below demonstrates:

  • The professional development phase at the Academy
  • The youth development phase at the Academy
  • The foundation phase at the Academy
  • The youth / professional development phase at the Academy
  • The foundation development goalkeeper phase at the Academy

Professional Development Phase at The Academy

Outfield Players – Technical

  • Passing – Playing forwards through tight passing channels
  • Receiving the ball – Receiving the ball in the air to pass in the least number of touches
  • Passing – Generic passing practises to move the ball on two touches
  • Running / Dribbling with the ball – Developing the 1st touch to break through a variation of receiving surfaces
  • Running / Dribbling with the ball – Variations in the dribble to advance in 1 v 1’s
  • Shooting – Shifting the ball to get shots off under pressure
  • Passing – Keeping the ball moving for a long period of time
  • Manipulating the ball – Shifting the ball across the body with a variation of surfaces
  • Turning – Turning away from pressure and protecting possession of the ball

Outfield Players – Tactical

  • Possession (Playing out from the back) – Midfield rotation to receive high and low open up passing channels
  • Possession (Retaining the ball to penetrate) – Working in front or behind opponents to retain the ball looking to play forwards
  • Possession (Game management) – Playing with and against an overload (the extra man)
  • Attacking (Counter attacking) – Breaking from the defending third
  • Attacking (Centrally) – Playing between lines and breaking lines with and without the ball
  • Attacking (Wide areas) – 1 v 1’s, 2 v 2’s to create goalkeeping opportunities
  • Defending (Individual) – Approach to the ball dependent on the opposition and area of the pitch
  • Defending (Groups & Units) – Defending later and deeper
  • Defending (Making play predictable, Regains and Possession Decision) – Pressure as the team/group hunting the ball for quick regain


  • Goalkeeper support – Variety of passes and support for players in possession
  • Goalkeeper support – Awareness of best option looking to penetrate with distribution
  • Goalkeeper support – How the goalkeeper can affect the state of the game
  • Goalkeeper defending – How to deal with 1 v 1 situations in game situations
  • Goalkeeper defending – Early shots always being set in and around the box
  • Goalkeeper defending – Positioning and decision making in dealing with the cross
  • Goalkeeper communications – Organisation and support to the defender
  • Goalkeeper communications – Communications to players away from the ball
  • Goalkeeper communications – Developing the goalkeeper to compact

Foundation Phase at Our Academy

Outfield Players – Technical

  • Protecting the Ball – Setting the scene for receiving on the safe side – guidelines for success
  • Passing – Short, quick and high tempo passing in small groups
  • Receiving the Ball- Developing the set as part of link play to move the ball forwards
  • Turning – Developing turns under passive pressure to include disguise
  • Shooting – Longer distance shooting relevant to the age of the group
  • Running / Dribbling With the Ball – Long and thin practices to practice breaking into space from a dribble or receiving the ball
  • Shooting – One touch finishing around the goal on angles with pressure approaching
  • Passing – Passing within larger areas focusing on techniques to a longer pass (floor / aerially)
  • Manipulating the Ball – Quick foot movements to manipulate a small skills ball

Outfield Players – Tactical

  • Possession (Individual) – Developing players to receive the ball and maintain possession on their safe side
  • Possession (Group Play) – Develop players to receive and play away from pressure in small groups
  • Possession (Directional) – Possession / wave practises maintaining the speed of the ball from start to finish
  • Attacking (Individual) – Changes of direction and speed to beat opponents
  • Attacking (Groups) – Small group attacking practices (4v4, 5v5). Movement/combinations to create and exploit space
  • Attacking (with/against overloads) – Small sided games working on creating and exploiting space on the transition
  • Defending (Pressure the Ball) – Basic principles to approaching a player in possession
  • Defending (Small Groups) – Possession based practices focusing the change of roles based on the movement of the ball
  • Defending (Regaining to Play) – Regaining the ball and countering to a scoring conclusion


  • Goalkeeper support – Passes and throws to start play
  • Goalkeeper support – Choosing the best distribution option
  • Goalkeeper support – Using the ball quickly after making a save
  • Goalkeeper defending – Throw ball situations and close range shots
  • Goalkeeper defending – Attacking the ball and parrying away to safe areas
  • Goalkeeper defending – Making recovery saves within the game
  • Goalkeeper communications – To defenders individually and as part of a unit
  • Goalkeeper communications – Developing the ability to be clear and concise
  • Goalkeeper communications – Start positions in relation to the ball

Goalkeeper Youth / Professional Phase at The Academy

Goalkeepers – Technical

  • Distribution – Out of the back to the best option and supporting the play
  • Crossing – Dealing with deep crosses into the 18 yard box and transition to distribute
  • Shot Stopping – Into line and down the line of the ball for angled strike
  • Handling – Dealing with low balls around the set position inclusive of the 1v1 encounter
  • Shot Stopping – Dealing with low, medium and high dives from a central and angled strike
  • Crossing – Dealing with crosses centrally and to front post areas
  • Shot Stopping – Dealing with close reaction shots, double and triple saves
  • Distribution – Technique of starting counter attacks, choice of delivery
  • Crosses – Dealing with crosses centrally and to the back post area

Goalkeepers – Tactical

  • Goalkeeper support – Start play using a variety of passes and providing angles for support for players in possession
  • Goalkeeper support – Awareness of best option looking to penetrate with distribution
  • Goalkeeper support – Managing the game and understanding how the goalkeeper can affect the state of the game
  • Goalkeeper defending – Dealing with 1v1 game situations
  • Goalkeeper defending – Dealing with early shots always being set in and around the box
  • Goalkeeper defending – Positioning in relation to the ball, decision making on dealing with the cross
  • Goalkeeper communications – Organisation and support to the defender (clear and concise information)
  • Goalkeeper communications – Communications to players away from the ball
  • Goalkeeper communications – Developing the goalkeeper to compact play through the line taken by the defending players

Goalkeeper Foundation Phase at The Academy

Goalkeepers – Technical

  • Handling – Footwork set in position with a variation of serves
  • Distribution – Playing out from the back from feet and hands, providing angels of support
  • Handling – Variation of handling practices concluding with penetrative distribution
  • Shot Stopping – Dealing with 1v1 encounter
  • Shot Stopping – Low, medium and high diving sales from central
  • Distribution – Technique of longer distribution for feet and hands (classic counter attacks)
  • Shot Stopping – Speed of movement across the goal in the line down the line of the ball for an angled strike
  • Handling – Technique of dealing with low balls in and around the body
  • Crossing – Basic technique and positioning (in relation to the ball) covering balls into front middle far areas

Goalkeepers – Tactical

  • Goalkeeper support – Using a variety of passes and throws to start play
  • Goalkeeper support – Choosing the best distribution option
  • Goalkeeper support – Using the ball quickly after making a save
  • Goalkeeper defending – Dealing with through ball situations and learning how to deal with cross range shots
  • Goalkeeper defending – Attacking the ball and parrying away to safe areas in game situations
  • Goalkeeper defending – Making recovery saves within the game
  • Goalkeeper communications – Communication to defenders individually and as a unit
  • Goalkeeper communications – Developing the ability to be clear and concise
  • Goalkeeper communications – Set positions in relation to the ball

Join The Academy

For direct communication with The Academy

Soccer Schools Our Philosophy


To progress to your full potential as a football player it is vital to have the correct attitude both on and off the football pitch. You need to be as positive and dedicated as possible to fully master your skills and you need to be cool and composed when under pressure to keep control of the moment you’re in.


Always respect your team mates, your opponent, your coach and the referee. In order to get the best out of your team it’s important to appreciate the efforts of those around you. If you fail to respect the opponent you underestimate their potential, which can make your own standards fall below your usual level. Football should be played in the spirit of fair play, encouragement and fun. Take advice from your coach to help your game improve and remember self-respect is key for your own development as a player and a person.


We believe that skills and technique are essential to inspire creativity, flair, excitement and entertainment. Skills can help make football fun, help you improve as a player and help you beat your opponent. Be inventive with the turns and tricks you use to move the ball, use both feet and don’t forget to work on the basic skills such as control and passing.


You need to have lots of energy to get the most out of playing football. The longer you can maintain a high level of fitness for, the more this will benefit you in games. If you’re not as fit as you can be, it becomes difficult to play to your maximum level. Drink plenty of water, avoid junk food and be as active as you can in your day to day lives.

New thinking

Embrace your coach’s ideas and always think about different ways you can improve tactically and technically. Be creative with your thoughts and express them on the field whenever you can.

All for One

As much as you can work on your own development, football is a team game. The more you work with your team mates the better you will become as a player and a team. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from football is a game that can be played by everyone. Enjoy the feeling of belonging to a team and do all you can to help your team mates.


Learn how to play the correct way. Football based around passing and movement, technique and skill. Incorporating the principles of fair play, teamwork, expression and fun!

Summer Soccer Schools!

This Club is gearing up for a busy of summer Soccer Schools.

Open to children of all abilities aged between three and 15, these courses provide a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment for youngsters to improve their football skills.

Participants will receive a certificate and medal, while Academy scouts and coaches are to attend each and every venue. Recent holiday programmes have seen several youngsters referred to the Club's famed Academy!

Goalkeeping and Girls Courses are now on offer too.
Children are asked to bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink, as well as appropriate footwear, shin pads and suitable clothing in the event of bad weather.

All coaching staff are FA qualified, CRB checked and trained in emergency first aid and child protection.   

Our Soccer Schools run at a number of venues over every holiday period, weekends and week nights, subject to change. Our courses cater for boys and girls aged from 3 to 16 years and are extremely flexible, you can choose to book daily or weekly. In addition to our Soccer Schools and Skills Club programmes, we also run position specific training and team training sessions.

Our Soccer Schools have become a huge part of our local community over the years, with a vast number of children choosing to spend their school holidays with us.

Do you want to be part of this Clubs experience?

Our Soccer Schools are a fantastic introduction to the game, our club and our unique coaching philosophies for boys and girls of all abilities.

Our DBS checked FA qualified coaches are always on hand to inspire, encourage and share their passion for the beautiful game.

With a great soccer schools programme including goalkeeper, mini kickers and advanced course taking place throughout the year, these however can change.


Types of courses Holiday courses

During school holidays Soccer Schools take place at many locations all across the country. Local coaches run programs that teach new skills whilst also working on developing existing player talent using the established Soccer Schools training techniques.

A full course consists of:

  • Warm-ups and reaction games 
  • Technique training sessions: passing, dribbling, shooting, attacking and defending
  • Fun games to practice techniques 
  • Small-sided matches and tournaments

After School and Weekend Courses

After-school and weekend courses run during the school term time offering weekly sessions to improve your football skills, whilst having fun! A full course consists of: A full course consists of: Warm-up and reaction games Technique training sessions: passing, dribbling, shooting, attacking and defending Small-sided matches After-school and weekend courses can be booked directly with the club via the contact details on this page


Mini Course:

The Mini Programme introduces children to a fun football based programme which encourages a healthy lifestyle and develops key physical and life skills to early learners.

Classes are designed to assist boys and girls aged from two to five years old discover the rewards of regular structured physical exercise, laying the foundations for fit, active and healthy lives. 

All sessions incorporate the following early stage development skills: 

  • Coordination 
  • Balance
  • Agility
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Listening and communication skills 

Book on our famous Soccer Schools via the contact details on this page


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100 Secrets on how to get scouted

#4 How to get scouted

Becoming a professional in the sport you fall in love with as a kid is an ultimate dream. Scoring a goal in front of thousands of fans in the Champions League Final, diving over the try line to win your country the World Cup or

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