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So You Want To Start A Soccer School?

Here I will share with you my experiences in how to start a soccer school.

We or I have been running soccer school for many years and I am often

asked how to start or run a soccer school.

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There is not specific straight forward formula to running a soccer school or a place

for children to play football, but should you be successfull then you can reap the

rewards. I dont specifically mean financial but I earn a full time living out of my soccer school and you can too.

Soccer school name is important infact it is your brand and is the first thing people

see about your soccer school.

Be football or learning focused, if you are financially focused this is not a good

foundation for a successful soccer school.

You must appeal to the kids and to there parents.

It is important that you have your coaching qualifications and certainly a bit of experience

in coaching as generally your background is what will interests parents.

Also they will trust your soccer school based on your history too.

Treat every session or class as if its the first, never take anything or anyone for granted.

Children come to you and they are fresh, and to them it is like the first session every time.

Be punctual and always prepared. Do not allow parents to coach or be involved, they

hand there children over to you and when they cross the white line you are responsible

for them and must allow children to express themselves.

Be entusiastic and polite, and make the sessions fun.

Give high fives and be complemetary.

Enure children wear correct kit or maybe ask them to buy your training kit.

Get there names on reverse that gives them ownership and also promote your

company as much as possible.

People will leave but ensure it looks like you are moving them on to better clubs

and see it this way rather than them leaving you.

When you employ a coach work alongside with him/her and ensure they follow the

same system you introduce, always get a coach to sign that they cannot run or

coach your children for at least 2 years after leaving as they can try to take away

your business.

Keep costs realistic and not too high, always charge them. Never offer a long

free term of sessions as they are joining you for the wrong reasons. If you are

good enough then they will pay. Try to sell inb locks of sessions say 1 months

or 10 weeks. 

Offer incentives always, we offer a badge system that players progress too.

This also makes them buy the shirt from you.

Make coaching fun and specific. Start on time and finish on time.

Always wear branded clothing. 

ALWAYS ALWAYS give presentations at the end of a session, for a specific thing,

and encourage them to return the trophy, the following week.

Finish sessions on a positive, ie a game or shooting practice, not a defending session.

Plan trips ahead to football grounds as a group, always give parents and children

something to look forward too. Use the internet to promote set up facebook

groups take photos of winners etc always never stop. Again treat the next winner

as if its your first.

I think this is all for now, but feel free to browse my website for further

opportunities to enhance or how to start a soccer school.

And remember If I can run a successful soccer school then anyone can.

I am always here to help or offer advise just email me and i'll get right back to you.








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