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Mar Azul International School, Costa Blanca Spain E-mail

Mar Azul International School Costa Blanca.

We have a variety of Local  school that generally teach the traditional British education System, and one Tonys Soccer School recommends is Mar Azul International School, Costa Blanca.

     Here is a self written introduction from the Mar Azul International School in San Miguel de Salinas, Costa Blanca. Now the only Independent International School on the Costa Blanca to offer a British National Curriculum based education for children aged 1–18years. Mar Azul International School has been established here on the Costa Blanca for over 10 years, we provide a high quality British Education with an International approach. Our commitment to small class sizes enables us to provide a personal and individual education for every child at our Costa Blanca school.


As a leading International School, Spanish is taught as a core subject throughout the curriculum.  At the age of 12 months all children are immersed into a bilingual environment, stimulating the early acquisition of both Spanish and English. Mar Azul International School comprises Primary and Secondary sections ranging from Nursery at 1 year of age, through to GCSE at 16 and A Levels at 18 +. The natural progression in a family’s education can therefore take place with the least possible disruption.

We offer a diverse education here at Mar Azul. The school is a fully authorised centre for both Edexcel and AQA examinations. Teaching Spanish language and culture is an important part of the curriculum between the ages of 5 and 16 as well as to 'A' Level.  We are also committed to maintaining Mar Azul’s highly effective low pupil/teacher ratio. All teachers are qualified in their respective subjects. Following the traditional British system of education the curriculum is directed towards GCSE/iGCSE and 'A' level examinations. Spanish is taught at all levels as are the obligatory elements of the Spanish national curriculum.

Many of our players attend this school.MAR, AZUL, INTERNATIONAL, SCHOOL, COSTA BLANCA, SAN MIGUEL,


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