WHU Football Club Trials.

There are 9 Ways you can apply to get Trials for

WHU Football Club at this age.

All Football Clubs playing at this level not only

have a first team, but they have a

Reserve Team and number of Academy Teams,

also known as Development teams.

All these teams offer player Trials...

Football Trials.....

They will have an Academy structure in place

normally run by an Academy Manager/Director who

works closely with the First Team Manager and

First Team Coaches.

Clubs like this will have Academy Teams also

known as Youth football teams.

The Academy will oversee players from all ages,

younger players will attend Soccer Schools

working with Club trained Football Coaches who

follow This Clubs strict playing style.

Players then progress as they get older and are

then signed to the Club from 9 years old.

They will then compete against other similar

Academies, and each year new Footballers are

needed to fill team places that become available

in the Academy teams.

As Players reach 13, the rules change slightly, and

players who live further away from this training ground

can be signed to this Club. When players reach 16

and over Players, are then signed on Contacts,

either following a trial or by getting scouted.

Get Signed by This Club

As we said earlier there are 9 ways to get trials or

signed by this Football Club.

1 We are widely known as the source for obtaining the

very latest football trial dates and opportunities for

this Club and variety of Clubs.

To get latest Football Trial dates we advise

you choose this option and complete our

>> Trials Application form Here

Step 2. Football Clubs like this, have a large scouting

network that operate in the local area normally

around 1 to 1 and a half hours of the Clubs training


So for step 2 please ensure you are playing for the

very best Teams in your age group. By this I mean

League Division 1 and regularly competing in Cup

Finals as this is where this Clubs Scout, Scout Players.

3. Scouts from this Club will watch County matches,

County teams are Players who are the best players

from that particular County. So if your of School age,

speak with the Head of Football at Your School.

4. Clubs at this Level have a foundation department,

also known as Community Team they offer All

players of most ages the chance, to engage in

Football, and from this they select the better players

to go for trials at the Clubs Academy of Excellence.

Clubs hold Soccer School Holiday Schools, attend

these also as the coaches are also scouting new

players through this avenue as well.

Also Remember David Beckham was Scouted

at the Manchester United Soccer School.

5. From the age of 16 Clubs also run a 2 year

Education program which has direct links to

the Club and prospective players are also sourced

through this method. Any one can apply for these.

If you sign up to us we will update you on this.

6. Some Clubs say they do not hold open trials,

well in fact ALL clubs hold trials, NO Player is ever

signed without a trial, as the trial takes place in a

variety of formats that suits the Club and the Player,

which I have listed here.

7. Some Clubs publish open Trial days of which

we are made aware of and publish them on this

site. If no open date is available then we recommend

you sign up to us and receive the information when it

is released to us. >> Sign Up For Trials

8 Older players are normally scouted whilst playing

for Local teams who are again playing in the highest

league possible, so more advice is to ensure you are

playing at your highest possible level.

9. Like nearly all players You feel you will never

get scouted or seen, then this step is the most

important to you. ALL clubs allow you to Openly

apply for a trial yourself.

Please Now send your Personal football history

along with your personal details direct to the Club

along with a selection of your current team

fixtures for the next 6 months. Then based on your

information a scout will come to watch you play.

WHU Trials Apply Here Now

Academy Manager:

Tony Carr MBE

West Ham United Training Ground,
Saville Road, Romford,
Essex, RM6 6DT
Home Ground: Little Heath Sports Ground,
Hainault Road, Romford, Essex RM6 5SS

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