Premier League Football Trials, every Football trial listed

within Tony's Soccer School can be found for you to enjoy.

Football Trials with Specific dates is our aim to obtain

assessments for players who we accept have an ability to

meet our high footballing standards

Find your Latest Football Trials...........


Latest trial list can be found in our latest 50 football trials article.

We find trials here for players who are looking for trials and notify them of opportunities that football clubs who are holding trials. You may just be a click away from obtaining a training offer from a club offering open trials. New and released dates along with times is what we find free for players and inform them of deadlines of applying for the trials. Players go for assessments and undergo sometimes elite and higher standard training at a football sports academy location or facility.

We have experience of notifying players of trials being held for a variety of age groups, along withd etails of day, night or evening trial times. You can book through our processing system, during this visit can browse our website for the latest news on trials.

We can tell you the place of trials when they are being held, and who is taking the pro trials, and who are organising the trial process. Scouts are always in attendance alon with a network of coaches, and sometime are offered weekly trials if you meet their high standard.

Trials are operated in groups of players, with scouts viewing your playing ability either against other clubs or a team amongst other potential players.

Registration is done through applying for the trials in this website and registering with us, to obtain the information you require. We ask you check our site regularly as we issue regional and national trials from all over the UK,

It is advised you learn a clubs ethos and follow the application process fully. Clubs produce some of the finest talents and you now have an opportunity to join them. Various Locations are open to you, which enables you to showcase your ability at the football academy.

Youth ages up to around 22 years of age is key, which ensures you are developing sufficiently to meet the application process. They're are courses of trials too, held in various locations through academy centres.

So Ge Ready!

The trials can be on grass or artificial football pitches, so you need to bring your kit and appropriate boots.

Specific dates can be found within this article or click links throughout our site for the club that interests you. Football Trials are generally held in the morning at AM times, and you will play in front of top coaches.

Trials are held in the current year of 2013 and will offer an opportunity to join an academy side normally for the following football season if not before. Your individual talent is key to your guarantee of a place after the football trial.

Some will also need to see your Football CV, you can SUBMIT CV so your past football history will also need to be of a good standard either with local club or school or other academy trials you may of had.

Now, thanks for reading and start your football career today.

Apply for the Football trials today, and currently have around 100 teams offering opportunities and sometime actual released dates so good luck and happy trial hunting.

Follow Tony on Twitter @tonyssoccer, here are a few academy trias and applications to get you started.



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