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Platt Lane Training Complex, Yew Tree Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 7UU
Home Ground: Platt Lane Training Complex
Correspondence address: Academy Manager:
As above Scott Sellars
Telephone No: 0161 225 2012 Under 18 Coach: Scott Sellars
Facsimile No: 0161 225 2161 Administrator: Neil Roberts
e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Additional Administrator: Rachael Moss
Internet address: Match Day Co-ordinator: Rod Owen
Head of Academy – Business & Operations:
Mark Allen
First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
Shirts: Sky Blue Shirts: Red / Black stripe Shirts: White (Red & Black diagonal)
Shorts: Sky Blue Shorts: Black Shorts: White
Socks: Sky Blue / White Socks: Black Socks: White
Goalkeepers Shirt: Green Goalkeepers Shirt: Grey
The Etihad Stadium
Etihad Campus
Manchester M11 3FF
Main Switchboard: 0161 444 1894
Fax: 0161 438 7999
Ticket Office: 0161 444 1894
Credit Card Bookings: 0161 444 1894
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
H.E. Khaldoon Al Mubarak
Chief Executive Officer
Ferran Soriano
Chief Business Officer
Tom Glick
Head of Football Administration
Andrew Hardman
Manuel Pellegrini
Assistant Managers
Brian Kidd & Ruben Cousillas
Head of Elite Development
Patrick Viera
Chief Financial Officer
Jorge Chumillas
0161 444 1894
Head of Marketing
Justice Ellis
0161 444 1894
Head of Supporter Experience
Diego Gigliani
0161 444 1894
Head of Event Production
Nick Becker
0161 444 1894
Head of Facilities Management
Clive Wilton
0161 444 1894
Safety Officer
Steve McGrath
0161 444 1894
Head of Media Relations
Simon Heggie
0161 444 1894
Supporter Liaison Officer
Lisa Eaton
0161 444 1894
Club Doctor
Dr Max Sala
Qualifications: Doctor of Medicine & Surgery
(University of Ferrara, Italy) with a specialisation
in Sports Medicine (University of Pavia)
Senior Physiotherapist
Lee Nobes
Qualifications: BSc (Hons) MCSP, SRP, MAACP
Head Groundsman
Lee Jackson
Qualifications: NVQ Level 2, 3 & 4 Sportsturf,
Foundation Degree in Sportsturf Science,
PA 1, 2 & 6 Chemical Application Licences
Programme Editor
Ian Guildford, Ignition Publications
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01899 568 195
Shirt Sponsor
Etihad Airways
Kit Manufacturer
Ground Capacity at start of the Season
Pitch Dimensions
Length: 105 metres Width: 68 metres
H.E. Khaldoon Al Mubarak
Simon Pearce
Martin Lee Edelman
John Macbeath
Mohamed Al Mazrouei
Alberto Galassi
Official Company Name and Number
Manchester City Football Club Limited
No. 40946
This is for information purposes.
We cannot be held responsible for any changes or incorrect data held. This information should not be used to request football trials. To find out about the Club Recruitment process please write direct to the clubs correspondance main address only. Which can be found in the clubs Website.

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Manchester City Academy Our Mission

To create an elite environment that attracts, retains and develops top quality players providing an ongoing supply of academy graduates to the First Team squad, whilst ensuring those individuals who fall short of this standard have the necessary skills and education to enable them

Read more: Manchester City Academy Our Mission




Mohammed Hassan
Age : 
Your County : south glamourgan
Your Nationality : english
Best Position : CAM (can play in a wide varitey of poisitions e.g RB)
Current Club : Tiger Bay FC
Previous Clubs : primary school tem (used to have a trainer)
Which Club you want a trials for : Manchester City FC
Country you live : wales
Tell us about your football history (Min 100 words) : hello, my name is Mohammed. As a child I used to go to literally every event in the local, even a few miles away (sometimes), and played in local facilities (leisure centres, astro tenfs etc.). in my school team I passed the trials but did not go to the Cardiff city tournament due of injury. I have been amogst a few to play for fitzalan FC (school)
Write about your Playing Ability (Min 50 words) : I have a number of abilities including driblling, long range shots, good outside foot, being able to play in a variety of positions, stamina and strength but I need a professional team to help me develop more to become player and loved by others. I am really tough defender and a deadly striker I am good at leading a team to victory. 
Why should an Academy Director give you a trial (Min 50 words) : an academy director should give me a trial because if I get well developed by a good team I could grow and grow to become a good player. you should also give me a chance because I need a good coach that can help me choose what position and help me in the future. after a recent wrist/ thumb injury my football coaches have refused to let me play for health and safety reasons and missed out on a lot of Opportunities to get scouted. but now I am back from injury it looks like my school coach s not informed he has chose the next fixtures (Cardiff cup and friendly) I will not be playing for while and all I need is a trial. you should also give me a trail because I will play for any team and stay loyal.



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Full Name : samuel skidmore
Date of Birth : 4 september 1997
Your Nationality : british
Best Position : goalkeeper
Current Club : south ribble and tarleton corinthians u15
Previous Clubs : charnock richard, euxton villa, astley and buckshaw.
Which Club you want a trials for : manchester city
Your County : lancashire
Country you live : england


Tell us about your football history (Min 50 words) : i am a 6 foot 3 goalkeeper and have played for several teams, i started off a euxton villa as the first keeper and was there for a couple of years to move to a lower sided team to be more action packed in a game. stayed there till i was 12. but whilst i was there i was having trials for liverpool for around 2 or 2 and a half years. i then moved to tarleton corinthians and played above my age in football the team had been in the championship for 2 years and the season i joined and no other players but me did, we went up to them premiership and managed to come 4th. i was being pleaded by the tarleton my own age to move to them and as i moved to them after two years with the elders i managed to bring this team up a league too. i have been offered trials by bolton 4 years ago but had to turn them down due to school. i am still now currently playing for my own age in tarleton and also a county team called south ribble. i had trials for them 2 weeks ago and got in as the first keeper and we will be playing games at a higher standard to sunday football throughout this and next year. last year my school team and tarleton won the lancashire cups and in school i won us the game in penalties when i also dislocated my ankle on the last save of the shoot out. tarleton won our final 9-1 and our goal was an own goal from a cross which should never of happened. i also trained with a team a few years back to improve footwork on and off the ball.i play on sunday nights as a kick about with my friends dads team to train with them in goal, this is so i am capable of taking better and harder shots. i train 5 times a week and also coach once a week with a well known brand called j4k.
Write about your Playing Ability (Min 50 words) : i am a very dedicated and hardworking footballer. i am capable of playing with experienced footballers as i play with over 20's as a kick about on sundays and also train with uefa b qualified coaches and have joined a county team and also a sunday team. i am true in what i do and put all the effort i can in to every thing i do. alot of friends, team mates, opposition, coaches, teachers have told me how capable i am of getting somewhere in a footballing career. numerous times i have saved my team by making saves or assisting goals. i can kick a ball out my hands between the 18 yard box in their half and the edge of the circle in their half, and off the floor i can mostly beet the half way line with height as well. i shout nearly all the time telling my defence what to do and using constructive criticism. i am very capable of what task i have been set and capable of playing with any players.
Why should an Academy Director give you a trial (Min 50 words) : they should give me a trial because i have the ability, height, confidence, attitude, strength, stamina and determination to make it to a pro footballer. i take every opportunity i can get to become closer and am always going uphill in ability. i would take academy football seriously like i do with all football, and would take trials seriously and do my very best to make it through trials and get somewhere.

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