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Mohammed Hassan
Age : 
Your County : south glamourgan
Your Nationality : english
Best Position : CAM (can play in a wide varitey of poisitions e.g RB)
Current Club : Tiger Bay FC
Previous Clubs : primary school tem (used to have a trainer)
Which Club you want a trials for : Manchester City FC
Country you live : wales
Tell us about your football history (Min 100 words) : hello, my name is Mohammed. As a child I used to go to literally every event in the local, even a few miles away (sometimes), and played in local facilities (leisure centres, astro tenfs etc.). in my school team I passed the trials but did not go to the Cardiff city tournament due of injury. I have been amogst a few to play for fitzalan FC (school)
Write about your Playing Ability (Min 50 words) : I have a number of abilities including driblling, long range shots, good outside foot, being able to play in a variety of positions, stamina and strength but I need a professional team to help me develop more to become player and loved by others. I am really tough defender and a deadly striker I am good at leading a team to victory. 
Why should an Academy Director give you a trial (Min 50 words) : an academy director should give me a trial because if I get well developed by a good team I could grow and grow to become a good player. you should also give me a chance because I need a good coach that can help me choose what position and help me in the future. after a recent wrist/ thumb injury my football coaches have refused to let me play for health and safety reasons and missed out on a lot of Opportunities to get scouted. but now I am back from injury it looks like my school coach s not informed he has chose the next fixtures (Cardiff cup and friendly) I will not be playing for while and all I need is a trial. you should also give me a trail because I will play for any team and stay loyal.



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